Cultivating Workplace Belonging During the Holiday Season

Cultivating Workplace Belonging During the Holiday Season
Presented by Mona Eshaiker

Belonging, a basic human need, has now emerged as a vital step towards creating an inclusive workplace. However, celebrating the holiday season without excluding anyone can feel tricky! 

This session will give attendees an understanding of:

  • Workplace belonging
  • The sense of inclusion vs exclusion
  • How exclusion affects performance and cognitive function
  • Feasible ways to cultivate a belonging environment, including best practices for leaders to address the holiday season

About Mona Eshaiker

Mona Eshaiker, LMFT (she, her) is a licensed therapist and mental health consultant. She specializes in burnout recovery and prevention on the individual and systemic level. She is passionate about work-life balance and psychological safety for historically underrepresented employees.