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Webinars are a convenient, quick and cost-effective way to educate IAPD members, plastics professionals and end users about the vast world of performance plastics. Presentations range from 30 minutes to an hour and allow companies to easily inform a target audience about an interesting topic they are knowledgeable on. If you have an area of expertise that you would like to present via webinar, please contact Courtney Karr to schedule a 2018 date.

Upcoming Webinars

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Distributor Analytics: So What?

Friday, September 21, 2018
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CDT

Lately it seems you can’t read a publication in the distribution world that doesn’t tout the many benefits of analytics for staying competitive and growing your business. But how can analytics help your company?

Join MITS for a webinar where we will explore the many ways distributor analytics can help your organization capture more cash, boost profitability and increase customer satisfaction and engagement. We’ll show you specific examples of how you can:

Track performance against company goals – align your teams around company goals and get visibility into their success—or identify performance in need of improvement
Discover problems you may not know about – easily spot numbers trending the wrong way and quickly drill down to find and fix the source of the problem
Improve sales team performance – with scorecards that identify the most important accounts and information to focus on, sales reps can increase the quality of their calls and see where they might be losing out to competition
Reduce time spent running reports – self-serve reporting gives your teams the information they need when they need it, freeing up IT to focus on more important projects. You’ll also get to see the MITS solution in action, including a demo of some of the 200+ reports, dashboards and scorecards covering sales, inventory, purchasing and AR that come ready to run out of the box.

Gary Owen, CEO, MITS
Gary has spent the last 19 years building and supporting reporting and business intelligence solutions for distributors and manufacturers. He is passionate about creating a high-performance team dedicated to helping businesses make better decisions through actionable, accessible information. Under his leadership, MITS has grown into the leading reporting and analytics solution for distributors and manufacturers, including over 1000 companies that put the MITS solution to work every day.

How to Triple Your Online Sales and Leads

Friday, October 19, 2018
10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CDT

Is your Website a lead generation and sales machine? Your Website should be your most powerful marketing tool — delivering a steady stream of new business filling your sales pipeline. Unfortunately, most B2B companies don’t optimize their Websites for online sales and lead generation — offering nothing more than a passive online catalog or brochure.

This powerful presentation will make online marketing understandable and provide you with actionable tips, best practices and strategies for transforming your Website into a powerful lead generation and sales machine. You will learn proven ways to:

· Sell more by marketing your knowledge
· Create a Website your prospects & customers will love
· Implement small Website fixes that pay off big
· Generate a steady stream of new business online
· Measure your online marketing success

Presenter Bio:
Bob DeStefano, president of SVM E-Marketing Solutions, is a B2B online marketing strategist and professional marketing speaker with more than 20 years of experience helping distributors and manufacturers grow their leads, sales and profits from results-focused online marketing. Bob is the author of Old Dog, New Clicks: Online Industrial and B2B Marketing Know-How for the 21st Century.

Webinars On-Demand

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IAPD Webinar Replay from August 28, 2018

Prop 65 and the Performance Plastics Industry

IAPD Member Exclusive Webinar: Proposition 65 is a state-level law, so it can’t have that much impact on you, right? Wrong! If you are doing business in the State of California, you must be in compliance with this law or face stiff penalties. Worse yet, there’s a very low bar for so-called “bounty hunters” to purchase material, get it tested and bring charges against the companies that didn’t have the proper product labeling. In this valuable webinar, you’ll hear from two Prop 65 experts, Attorney Carol Brophy and Toxicologist Mike Easter.

You’ll learn:

  • What Prop 65 is all about
  • What the new amendments to Prop 65 mean
  • Proper labeling
  • How to find out if your materials will be impacted by the law
  • Strategies for avoiding warnings
  • And much more

 Sign up today and come prepared to get up to speed on Prop 65. 

About Carol Brophy

Carol Brophy is a seasoned litigator representing clients in environmental law, administrative law and state and federal litigation. She represents a wide range of companies in matters involving federal and California laws including Proposition 65, California Unfair Trade Practice (UCL), the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, the California Clean Air Act, the Porter-Cologne Water Quality Act, the California Environmental Quality Act and other state and local regulations. 

Brophy’s background as both an engineer and an environmental assessor enables her to apply these skills to not only the legal aspects of compliance, but the scientific and technical aspects as well. She has extensive experience developing cost-effective compliance solutions for manufacturers and chemical processors, working both with clients’ in-house technical staff and consulting scientists. Brophy also assists multinational companies in meeting the complex product importation, labeling and formulation requirements imposed by U.S. and international law. She provides assistance to clients in negotiating permit limits and defending compliance orders. 

About Mike Easter

Mike Easter is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM). He has more than 20 years of experience in assisting clients with property contamination, site remediation, environmental assessments, hazardous waste, facility and vehicle emissions, consumer product evaluation (Proposition 65, CPSIA, California Safer Consumer Products regulation/Green Chemistry, etc.), regulatory agency negotiations, review of proposed legislation and regulations and litigation defense. Easter performs:

  • Risk assessments for sites undergoing cleanup (CERCLA, HSAA, RCRA, Porter-Cologne, Brownfields)
  • Evaluation of Propositions 65 listed chemicals (volatile organic compounds, lead, arsenic, phthalates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, phthalates, etc.) present in consumer products (electronic devices, hardware, cosmetics, consumer products (tubing, cooking ware, jewelry, tattoo ink, vehicle batteries, espresso machines, brass plumbing equipment, eyeglasses, pet products, etc.), in foods and dietary supplements, in the workplace, and for alleged environmental exposures
  • Indoor air quality assessment (schools, commercial office space, homes, etc.)
  • Diesel vehicle emissions studies (estimating self-pollution, emissions associated with varying driving conditions, etc.)
  • Review and comment upon proposed changes to legislation, regulations and policies (federal Hazardous Waste Identification Rule, California Regulatory Structure Update, Risk Assessment Advisory Committee, State Water Resources Control Board Containment Zone Policy Resolution No. 92-49, Safer Consumer Products Alternatives regulation/California Green Chemistry Initiative, etc.)