IAPD Material Property Tables

The following performance plastics material property table information is intended to help plastics professionals, designers and engineers as well as the academic community become familiar with the various families of thermoplastic and thermoset materials. With this knowledge and information, it is expected that proper selection, coupled with good design practice, will result in the development of a successful performance plastics application.

To put the performance capability of the thermoplastic and thermoset family of performance plastic materials in perspective, a listing of the physical, mechanical and electrical properties at room temperature (73°F/23°C) are included here. The data reported is from various published literature sources and is given as ranges or averages. The comparative data in Introduction to Plastics is a good starting point for the selection of a thermoplastic and/or thermoset material.

If the product being designed will be exposed to temperatures below or above room temperature, you should consider the effects of temperature, environmental and stress level on the thermoplastic and/or thermoset material. Additional performance data can be requested from your IAPD distributor. For help finding a distributor, visit the online membership directory. Each material property table contains a header that is color coded to identify it as a either Thermoplastic or Thermoset. The header colors reference those seen in the IAPD Thermoplastics Rectangle.

Login to your free IAPD account and click the links below to download the material property tables you are interested in. For additional information about properties and applications for the different performance plastic materials and easy access to the material property tables, purchase your copy of the Introduction to Plastics, training manual.