IAPD Committees, Councils and CIGs

From one-off projects like writing a magazine article, contributing to the blog, presenting a webinar, speaking on the podcast or conducting research to joining a committee that meets monthly, quarterly or twice a year – there are many ways to get involved with IAPD. Volunteers make our association and the performance plastics industry stronger!

Get Involved


Charitable Foundation Fundraising Committee
  • Chair: Pat Foose, GEHR Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Stephen Frantz, Polymer Industries
  • Member: Wayne Gono, Regal Plastic Supply Company, Inc.
  • Member: Bob Healy, Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • Member: Kim Reddick, CPMR, Martino Marketing Group
  • Board Liaison: Jeff Burke, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
Convention Committee

The Convention and Expo Committee serves as the advisory group for education during the Annual Convention, provides direction on the site selection process and serves as the policy review board for the Annual Convention.

  • Chair: Alicia Spence, SIMONA AMERICA Group
  • Member: Katie Clapp, A&C Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Chris Corona, CartierWilson LLC
  • Member: Karen L. DeBard, CPMR, Martino Marketing Group
  • Member: Peter DelGado, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Dale D. Delmage, Redwood Plastics and Rubber
  • Member: Allan Harari, Margacipta Wirasentosa PT.
  • Member: Stacy Helms, Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • Member: Hayden Hess, Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc.
  • Member: Jeri O’Brien, PLASKOLITE
  • Member: Joe Wentzlof, Stiles Machinery Inc.
  • Board Liaison: Karen Brock-Amoah, SIMONA AMERICA Group
Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee provides guidance and review for editorial and advertising content in the print and digital editions of Performance Plastics magazine. The committee also collaborates on content matters with other committees to provide for more synergy in all of the content IAPD provides.


  • Chair: Tony Martin, Palram Americas, Inc.
  • Member: Trisha Beeman, Professional Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Peter Daumeyer, CartierWilson LLC
  • Member: Michael Fabbri, King Plastic Corporation
  • Member: Keith Hechtel, DBA, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Courtney Kincaid, Polymershapes
  • Member: Jeffrey Mikitka, Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • Member: Bryan Olin, Polymer Industries
  • Member: Beth Summers, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Ed Townsend, Braskem
  • Member: Amy Woodard, Piedmont Plastics
  • Board Liaison: Ken Schwartz, Covestro LLC – Specialty Films
Education Committee

The Education Committee conceives and develops all the educational programs and services provided by IAPD University, including the Level I and Level II Performance Plastics Certificate Program, the Excellence in Sales Certificate Program, the PVF Certificate Program, the Introduction to Plastics and the online onboarding, sales and safety training.


  • Chair: Peter Daumeyer, CartierWilson LLC
  • Vice Chair: Chad Procida, Harker & Associates, Inc.
  • Member: Patrick Castrechini, Plastic Solutions, Inc.
  • Member: Russell R. Consentino, CPMR, Plastic Solutions, Inc.
  • Member: Dale D. Delmage, Redwood Plastics and Rubber
  • Member: Eric Giesen, ZL Engineering Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Jesus Montemayor, Tecnica Industrial de Polimeros S.A. de C.V
  • Member: Jesse Rivera, Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc.
  • Member: Chad Roberts, Piedmont Plastics
  • Member: Mark Steele, Interstate Advanced Materials
  • Board Liaison: Michelle Betz, Alro Plastics
Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee encourages IAPD members to adopt green business practices, provides education about the sustainability of plastics and promotes the environmentally friendly qualities of plastics to the public.

  • Chair: Jim Pro, Piedmont Plastics
  • Member: Chris Domanski, 3A Composites USA, Inc.
  • Member: Mick Fisher, CartierWilson LLC
  • Member: Eric Hausserman, Rowmark LLC
  • Member: John Homa, Indelco Plastics
  • Member: James Kohler, Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • Member:  Don McMillan, Redwood Plastics and Rubber
  • Member: Laura Reda, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Drew Schwartz, Colorado Plastics
  • Member: Erica Wright, Finger Lakes Extrusion Corporation
  • Board Liaison: Richard Miller, Braskem
Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee guides IAPD in its efforts to fight plastics deselection, anti-plastics campaigns and any future legislation that would impact the business of IAPD’s members. The committee promotes grassroots efforts among member companies, assisting with outreach to local, state and federal legislators to help promote plastics and the plastics industry as job creating and environmentally responsible. The committee also collaborates with a lobbyist firm in Washington, D.C., to promote IAPD’s position to lawmakers.

  • Chair: Michael Howser, Palram Americas, Inc.
  • Vice Chair: Leah Konrady, Konrady Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: John Baysal, Isik Plastik A.S.
  • Member: Jim Cooney, Polymershapes
  • Member: Bryan Davis, Ensinger
  • Member: Peter DelGado, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Ryan Flexman, Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • Member: Stephen Garmon, Primex
  • Member: Wayne Gono, Regal Plastic Supply, Inc.
  • Member: Randall Kirkpatrick, Artek, Inc.
  • Member: Jim Pro, Piedmont Plastics
  • Member: Chad Procida, Harker & Associates Inc.
  • Member: Deborah Ragsdale, Polymer Industries
  • Member: Ken Schwartz, Covestro LLC – Specialty Films
  • Member: John E. Temple, Jr., PLASKOLITE
  • Member: Sher’ron Underwood, Polymershapes
  • Board Liaison: Drew Schwartz, Colorado Plastics
Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee assists IAPD staff in reaching IAPD’s marketing and communications goals, which are directed by the association’s strategic marketing plan. This committee collaborates with other committees to help promote their projects and services, plus guides IAPD in its branding efforts.

  • Chair: Jennifer Erickson, Columbia Industrial Products
  • Vice Chair: Sherrie Bloom, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Deena Baker, CartierWilson LLC
  • Member: Chloe Coss, ALTAFLO, a Pexco Company
  • Member: Alison Damery, Roechling Industrial Gastonia
  • Member: Eric Giesen, ZL Engineering Plastics, Inc.
  • Board Liaison: Chris Corona, CartierWilson LLC
Membership Committee

The Membership Committee focuses on member retention and recruitment. Committee members review membership applications and interview applicants as well as oversee the renewal process. Committee members act as a first point of contact with new members at the Annual Convention and with follow up calls.

  • Chair: Jeff Toth, National Plastics & Seals, Inc. 
  • Member: Ryan Alexander, Alexander Industrial Sales, Inc.
  • Member: Jeff Bostic, Plaskolite
  • Member: Brent Brelsford, Piedmont Plastics
  • Member: Chris Holland, Rowmark LLC
  • Member: Randall Kirkpatrick, Artek, Inc.
  • Member: Mike McKenna, Interstate Advanced Materials  
  • Member: Richard Miller, Braskem
  • Member: Dennis Setzer, 3A Composites USA, Inc.
  • Member: Mark Trepanier, CartierWilson LLC
  • Member: Joe Wentzlof, Stiles Machinery
  • Board Liaison: Peter DelGado, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
Nominating Committee

The IAPD Nominating Committee is responsible for reviewing and selecting candidates for open positions on the IAPD Board of Directors. Approvals of the nominations are determined by a vote of the IAPD membership at the IAPD Annual Convention.


  • Chair: Deborah Ragsdale, Polymer Industries
  • Member: Jeff Bostic, PLASKOLITE
  • Member: Peter DelGado, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Stephen Garmon, Primex
  • Member: Bert Hagy, Piedmont Plastics
Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee acts on behalf of the IAPD Charitable Foundation to develop an annual award program for IAPD member company employees, their children and to promote study in fields helpful to the plastics and/or general industry and business.

  • Chair: Patsy Gono, Regal Plastic Supply, Inc.
  • Member: Patrick Pheffer, ZL Engineering Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Tanya Piney, Piedmont Plastics
  • Member: Jane Saale, Cope Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Joe Wentzlof, Stiles Machinery Inc.
  • Board Liaison: Jeffrey Burke, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
Women in Plastics Committee

Women in Plastics’ goal is to attract, retain, advance and empower historically underrepresented groups within the plastics industry. In pursuit of this goal, the Women in Plastics Committee hosts various educational, networking and philanthropic events throughout the calendar year.

  • Chair: Jeri O'Brien, PLASKOLITE
  • Vice Chair: Gina Fox, Piedmont Plastics
  • Member: Hannah Ackers, PLASKOLITE
  • Member: Brenda Briggs, PLASKOLITE
  • Member: Jennifer Crocco, CartierWilson LLC
  • Member: Aynslie Foster, Fedplast
  • Member: Stacy Helms, Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • Member: Emma Merrell, Norplex-Micarta
  • Member: Hannah Migyanko, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Jacquie Nine, Professional Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Patricia Puglia, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: Anna Rinaldi, SIMONA AMERICA Industries
  • Member: Sylvia Steiger, Nylatech, Inc.
  • Board Liaison: Jim Richards, PLASKOLITE

Common Interest Groups (CIGs)

Canadian CIG

Topics of interest to those in the Canadian plastics industry are discussed in this CIG.

  • Co-Chair: Ali Merali, Piedmont Plastics
  • Co-Chair: Christophe Lavoie-Cardinal, Groupe PolyAlto
Manufacturers' Representatives CIG

All Manufacturers’ Representatives are welcome to join this common interest group. This CIG discusses topics important to the group.

  • Chair: Matthew Jarrett, Jarrett Plastics, Inc.
  • Vice Chair: Ann Marie Neideigh, Plastic Solutions, Inc.


Small Distributors Council

The Small Distributor Council is comprised of member distributors and fabricators whose plastics distribution sales are equal to or less than US$19.9 million.

  • Chair: Hayden Hess, Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc.
  • Board Liaison: Drew Schwartz, Colorado Plastics

Task Forces

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force
  • Co-Chair: Andrea Herrmann, PLASKOLITE
  • Co-Chair:  Xenia Roman, Piedmont Plastics
  • Member: Danica Chin, PLASKOLITE
  • Member: Keith Hechtel, DBA, Curbell Plastics, Inc.
  • Member: John Paul Massi, M. Holland Company
  • Member: Calvin Petersen, Nylatech
  • Member: Anna Rinaldi, SIMONA AMERICA Industries
  • Member: Kenya Smith, Argotec
  • Member: Ping Xu, Piedmont Plastics 
  • Board Liaison: Bill Barth, Piedmont Plastics
Recycling Task Force
  • Chair: Stephen Garmon, Primex
  • Member: Mark Bowers, Roechling Industrial Gastonia
  • Member: Mike Coruzzi, PLASKOLITE
  • Member: Dave Foell, Return Polymers
  • Member: Mike Kaszuba, Polymershapes
  • Member: David Summers, Mitsubishi Chemical Group
  • Member: Brett Thompson, Piedmont Plastics
  • Member: Daniel Whitecavage, Polymershapes