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Attend this e-Training Webinar Dec. 11

Building a Better Workforce – Power and Goals, presented by Dr. Helen Eckmann

As a follow up to her educational session, Building a Better Workforce: Understanding Gender Roles, at the 58th Annual IAPD Convention and Plastics Expo, Dr. Helen Eckmann will offer ways that women and men can more effectively gain power in any situation. She will teach you how to read your own power and the power of others. Helen will also review Janet Hagberg’s Five Stages of Power and SMART Goals. You will learn how SMART goals can help your understanding of your organization’s strategy and how to apply these concepts to further your power and role within the organization.

Tips, tools and data will be offered about power and goals, including:

  • Five stages of power
  • How power can change depending upon the situation
  • How to “read” the perceived power of others in any given situation
  • System of SMART goals

This presentation will take place on Thursday, December 11 at 3:00 p.m. CST (4:00 p.m. EST / 1:00 p.m. PST).

Who Should Attend: This session is open to all women and men who want to learn more about their power and the power of others.

This presentation is sponsored by IAPD’s Women in Plastics Common Interest Group. IAPD member company employees are invited to join the Women in Plastics LinkedIn Group.

About Dr. Eckmann: Dr. Helen Eckmann holds a doctorate from the University of San Diego (2003) in the Science of Leadership and Education. She has a (2013) certificate in Evidence Based Coaching from Fielding Graduate University. She is full-time faculty in the Business School at Brandman University and is in charge of innovation, supply chain, strategy and sustainability. Helen has run her own consulting business for the past decade working as an executive coach and innovation specialist in the biotech, defense, finance, technology, grocery, oil and gas industries.


e-Training Webinar Replay from Nov. 7

Material Handling Automation and Technology, sponsored by Stiles Machinery Inc.

This presentation focuses on material handling automation and technology, specifically:

  • Time
  • People
  • Logistics
  • Cost Control
  • Injury Prevention

When is it time to add Material Handling

  • Smaller batch sizes
  • Heavier parts
  • Damage
  • Lost material
  • Product flow
  • Cost per Employee
  • Maximize Machine Throughput

Attendees of this presentation will learn:

  • Differences in material handling
  • When and where to add material handling
  • What makes sense to add for material handling
  • Cost control
  • Machine throughput

Who should attend

  • Business owners
  • Production Managers
  • General Managers
  • Anybody in the plastics or advanced materials manufacturing

The webinar was presented by Ken McFadden, product manager for Stiles Machinery Inc.


e-Training Webinar Replay from Oct. 10

Supply Chain Best Practice: Developing a Customer Focused Supply Chain

“Effective supply chain management is not the responsibility of an organization’s supply chain management professionals alone,” says APICS CEO Abe Eshkenazi. “It is critical that individuals throughout the organization understand how their roles touch the supply chain and how effective, customer-focused supply chain management creates positive bottom-line results.”

The purpose of becoming customer focused strengthens the entire team and fosters appreciation of a properly structured and managed supply chain. This presentation will provide an insider’s view of supply chain management and will offer fundamental knowledge of the functions of supply chain management (SCM) for team members who interact with or support supply chain activities as well as non-supply chain management professionals, helping to increase efficiency and generate ideas for improvements.

Participants in this webinar will:

  • Learn the benefits of developing a customer focused supply chain.
  • Understand the model to become fully integrated as a part of the team supporting the increasingly important SCM function.
  • Understand the basic elements of supply chain management and how improvements in processes and communication can lead to increased overall customer satisfaction and profitability.

The webinar was presented by James Laitinen, CSCP, executive vice president of APICS.


e-Training Webinar Replay from Sept. 19

Processes in Creating Transparent Acrylic Edges, sponsored by Stiles Machinery, Inc.

This presentation focuses on providing insight into mechanized solutions for polishing/processing transparent acrylic edges. It includes machinery as well as tooling systems produced specifically for this market segment.

General overviews and demonstration videos will be presented including:

  • Flexible solutions for polishing/processing 90 degree and beveled edges
  • Fixed solutions for 90 degree edges
  • Fixed solutions for beveled edges
  • Flexible tooling solutions for CNC routers for polishing non-rectilinear geometries

Attendees of this presentation will:

  • Learn four basic mechanical platforms for polishing/processing acrylic edges
  • Understand the pros and cons of different approaches to edge beveling
  • Know “what to look for” when considering this type of production equipment
  • Discuss tooling and the importance of serviceability for acrylic processing tools
  • Review the case study: manual vs. mechanical polishing

Who should attend:

  • Plastics distributors
  • Plastic fabricators
  • Store fixture and retail display manufacturers
  • Acrylic furniture manufacturers

James Swanson, product manager for Stiles Machinery Inc., gave the presentation.

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