IAPD is Going Green by Promoting Environmental Policies and Best Practices to the Plastics Industry

The IAPD Environmental Committee was formed in April 2008. The committee is striving to make members more aware of how they can apply sustainability principles in the manufacturing, distribution, use and disposition of plastic materials.

IAPD GreenSceneIAPD GreenScene

The IAPD GreenScene program was developed to honor all member companies that are engaging in environmentally-friendly business practices. The Charter members of the IAPD GreenScene program have been selected based on their Environmental Excellence Award application and their participation in IAPD’s environmental survey.

IAPD Environmental Excellence Award

The “IAPD Environmental Excellence Award” recognizes the innovative or exemplary environmental responsibility by a member firm. Click here to apply for a 2014 Environmental Excellence Award.

IAPD Environmental Policies

IAPD has released a list of Environmental Policies and Guidelines, which includes best practices, a glossary of environmental definitions, IAPD’s Sustainability Survey and website resources.

IAPD’s Environmental Position

IAPD encourages member companies to embrace and commit to the vision for the industry and incorporate — or continue to incorporate — environmentally-friendly business practices and philosophies.

Our plastics association and its members are proud to operate in a broad and diverse marketplace. In so doing, our and all businesses create an environmental footprint. We believe plastics offer unique opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle, thereby minimizing our environmental impact. We are committed to fully developing these benefits for the good of the environment, for the health of our people, and for the growth of our industry.

 We commit to:

  • Training the channel and educating the public on the specific environmental benefits of plastics.
  • Demonstrating environmental stewardship, both as individuals and businesses.
  • Conducting recycling programs that will include the entire channel.
  • Utilizing the safest and most proper disposal methods when the useful life of our products expires.
  • Promoting research to develop new products and applications that offer positive environmental impacts.

The guiding principles of our sustainability commitment are Conservation, Waste Minimization, Preservation, Cooperation and Education. In this spirit, with our fullest efforts and without undue stress on the environment, all members of our association, our companies, and the communities we call home will prosper.