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May 2014

The Vital Role of Plastic Shapes to the Medical Devices Industry

Knee provisional trials made out of Celcon® M25 resin from Celanese Corporation.

Hear how one plastics distributor partnered with a medical device OEM to deliver the correct plastics at the right time for their products.

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Shaping the Future with Engineering Plastics

The physical properties of engineering and high-performance plastics such as impact resistance, dimensional stability and resistance to autoclaving has enabled new and improved designs for medical devices and components. They offer color coding options, lighter weight and are easy to machine in comparison to commonly used metals such as stainless steel.

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Technical Advisory: Polyetherimide (PEI)

PEI is an amorphous engineering thermoplastic. It is characterized by high heat resistance as well as high strength and modulus. PEI resists a broad range of chemicals. Hydrolitic-stability tests show more than 85 percent of the tensile strength is retained after 10,000 hours of boiling water immersion.

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Plastics: Just What the Doctor (and Lab) Ordered

Life sciences applications demand durability, repliability, regulatory compliance, tracability from raw materials and design flexibility. What’s the Rx for life sciences needs? Plastics, of course!

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