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The August issue of Designing with Plastics will feature Plastics in Marine Applications

Designing with Plastics is a free monthly e-newsletter provided by the International Association of Plastics Distribution that features educational articles about plastics applications in various vertical markets, provides technical information and helps end users who may not be familiar with plastics better understand plastics properties, materials and benefits of using plastics in their designs. This e-newsletter is intended for engineers, material specifiers, designers, OEMs, schools, press, IAPD members and plastics professionals.


July 2014

Accurate Timing Belts Perfectly Positioned for the Packaging Industry

Custom-made timing belts from Angst+Pfister measuring up to 20 meters in length transport the capsules from station to station through the machine and ensure ultra-precise positioning.

State-of-the-art machines for the filling and sealing of prefabricated capsules and customized solutions for complete packaging processes are the core competency of Rychiger AG. Intelligent selection of materials and profound technological know-how form the foundation of the company’s success. The use of innovative barrier materials such as multi-layer plastics combined with precision filling and sealing technology in their manufacturing guarantees safe, durable and customer-friendly packaging for Rychiger AG’s clients.

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Pressure Forming: A Game Changer for Designers

When manufacturers, designers and the rest of the supply chain work together, innovation happens. We see this across industries, from aviation interiors to consumer goods to retail environments. In recent years we have seen significant advancements in pressure forming technology. We predict a significant expansion in pressure forming as designers and engineers realize the impressive and reliable results this technology can achieve and continue to work together to push what’s possible with it.

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Technical Advisory: Acetal (POM)

Acetal resins (polyoxymethylene or POM) are engineering thermoplastics based on formaldehyde polymerization technology. These highly crystalline resins are strong, rigid and have low coefficient of friction against metals, acetals and other plastics. They are creep resistant so they are good for parts where dimensional stability is important. Acetals can be found in conveyor links, bushings, housings and more.

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If You Build It (Using Plastics), They Will Come

Plastics provide numerous advantages for any manufacturing operation. They’re lightweight, hold up well under extreme conditions and are an excellent cost-effective alternative to metal

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