IAPD Code of Ethics

Inasmuch as the plastics industry is a new industry to the United States of America, and whereas we as distributors are the liaison between the plastics industry and industry and commerce in general, therefore, to foster mutual trust between ourselves, our industry and the general public we are resolved to abide by the following code of ethics:

We shall promote and support the distribution channel as a means to bring product to market.

We shall refer to all products by their trademark, generic name or chemical formulation as
solicited, and clarify the differences in either or all three of the classifications as the case arises.

We shall substitute competitive brands from a trademark solicited, only upon approval of the

We shall educate the buyer on our products without misrepresenting their advantages or
disadvantages, and promote the use of the various products for the physical, chemical and
electrical properties for which they excel.

We will accurately represent and advertise our merchandise and services.

In ever changing conditions in the plastics field, we will always be alert to new products which
will benefit our customers.

We shall comply fully with federal, state and local antitrust laws in all association activities