About Our Members

IAPD members are the leaders in the plastics distribution industry. They represent the entire distribution channel and uphold the highest standards in the industry. IAPD members range from large, multi-national corporations to small, local machine shops, but they all have one thing in common. They have made a commitment to the association and the industry that they will perform business in an ethical, respectful manner so that everyone — buyers and suppliers — will benefit.

IAPD members represent the distribution channel, which in the plastics industry is unique. It includes the resin manufacturer, manufacturer, manufacturers' representative, distributor and finally, the processor.

The resin manufacturer supplies the manufacturer with the raw material, plastic resin. Manufacturers take that resin and convert it into shapes, sheets or pipes, valves and fittings.

The distributors are the lifeblood of the channel. They purchase the materials from the manufacturers and warehouse them so that they can offer them to processors and end-users at a moment's notice. Customers are able to get what they need when they need it; there's no need to wait for the manufacturer to ship it cross country.

Distributors provide essential services to both the manufacturer they purchase the materials from and their customers. Distributors allow manufacturers' products extra visibility. They serve as selling agents for suppliers in geographically defined markets, because it's not cost-effective for manufacturers to set up shop everywhere. They also offer technical knowledge for the end-user. This benefits the manufacturer, who does not have to have a large staff to answer technical questions, and the customer because distributors' knowledge on a wide range of materials means customers will get the best plastic for their application and their budget. It also means the customer has a personal expert to contact with questions.

Distributors can also customize products to their buyers' needs, so that the processors and end-users receive exactly what they need. Distributors also provide service and support after the sale. They even serve as banks, by helping to finance projects, which allows the fabricators and end-users time to collect on the finished product.

Processors are the final step in our chain, before the end-user puts the plastic part into the product you purchase. They provide services like cutting, welding, gluing, forming, routing and polishing.

IAPD also offers membership to Associated Products and Services companies who offer other members services and products to make their businesses better.

Each link in the channel is as important as the next, and all IAPD members recognize the value of the distribution chain.

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